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Dismon Electronics



Let's meet at Matelec 2016!


Dou you want to know how do we mount 10 Million components per day? Come to Matelec 2016 and we will tell you! We will be waiting for you at 5B07 stand! ...Read more +


...Read more +



When a year ends, or a new one begins, is time to look back and think over the last 12 months. If we had to define 2014 year in three words, for Dismon it will be: Year of Record. We have broken almost all our records: - Staff Record: Up to 85 people ...Read more +

Thanks a millon!


Exactly 1.043.259. In Dismon Electronics, we want to close the year with one "Thank you" for each assembled PCB in 2013. Thanks to you, our customers, because every year you rely on us more and more. Thanks to all the people in Dismon ...Read more +

X Ray: What the eye cannot see...


If I have a look at the palm of my hand, I can see skin, fingers.... If I flip it, I can see more skin, fingers... but how can I see the bones? Only if I go to the doctor to have a X-ray examination, I can see "what's inside". The same occurs in Electronics in ...Read more +

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