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Engineering [DFM]

Our manufacturing experience is key to offering you the support necessary to obtain an optimised, reliable and competitive product. The immediate benefits for your company are less product launch times, lower production costs, fewer redesigns, etc.

Dismon cooperates with you for your success!

Express Prototypes

This is possible at Dismon Electronics. Thanks to our flexible and ultra-fast equipment and methods, we can adapt to urgent customer needs and respond in record time to their requirements. No matter what the amount. From 1 pcb to as many as you need.

High Volume

What is high volume? Each customer’s understanding of this concept is different.

Dismon Electronics has a variety of production lines, both SMD and THT, so we can provide a wide range of services adapted to the needs of each of our customers.

Our theoretical SMD assembly capacity of up to 275,000 cph and automatic THT of 25,000 cph, places us among the leading companies in Euskadi as regards production capacity.

Material Management

Our global service includes stocking the materials that are necessary, depending on the needs of each customer. Given our close relationship with manufacturers and distributors, we can obtain the materials at the precise time, in optimal quality/price conditions.

We choose our suppliers according to each customer’s needs and negotiate agreements with them to ensure the supply and a fixed cost.

Electromechanical Assembly

In addition to electronic circuit assembly we provide our customers with other types of assemblies they may require:

Production of these types of products is entirely manual, since the characteristics of these parts, their sizes, etc. do not allow automation:


We provide complete traceability of all product components. This is achieved by identifying the pcbs with a datamatrix bar code (and/or linear code if required by the customer) that is used as a unique circuit identifier. This achieves the following:

All of the above is managed by software from Mentor Graphics, a leading company in production management systems for electronics, used by major international companies.