Who we are

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Dismon Electronics

Dismon Electronics has been providing Global Electronic Manufacturing Services applicable to any sector since 1997. Our prior experience of over 20 years manufacturing power sources, colour TVs, UPS, machinery for the recreation sector, etc., assisted us in reorienting our activity to electronics subcontracting.

Currently, our production plant in Amorebieta (Vizcaya) carries out production for a diversity of sectors, such as Industry, Tool machinery, Electrical companies, Education, Automobiles, Recreation, etc.

The growth of the company is recent years has made us one of the companies with the largest production capacity in Euskadi.

Human Capital

At Dismon Electronics we are fully aware of the importance of people and of the full scope of the meaning of this term.

That is why we make sure our team of professionals is comfortable performing their work, which in turn results in quality improvement. In addition, our continuous training plan ensures that we are always perfectly capable of performing any type of work that we are entrusted with.

Insofar as possible, we attempt to establish personal contacts in our relationships with our customers. By getting to know someone, we obtain a better understanding of that person’s working method. That is why we like to “introduce ourselves”, so our customers can see a priori that they will be satisfied with our service.